“soundly constructed, briskly paced and, in the end, affectingly wistful.” Variety

The Best Films Of The 2015 SXSW Film Festival - Indie Wire

3. "All Things Must Pass"
Speaking of heartbreak, there's unexpected melancholy in nearly every frame of Colin Hanks' energetic documentary about the history of Tower Records. Even the jolliest moments are tinged with sadness, as you know that this entertainment giant would fall, thanks to overtly ambitious expansion plans and the rise in internet piracy. Tower Records was hugely important to any pop culture aficionado of a certain age, and what Hanks does so eloquently is emphasize not only the conceptual bravado of the chain but the genius personalities behind the brand (led by the company's founder Russ Solomon). This is a documentary that will make you long for the glory days of spending endless hours browsing for records, seeking out those hidden gems (they had a terrific soundtrack and score department), while simultaneously making you appreciate all the hard work that went into crafting and curating those same stores. Unlike most stories about downfall, it wasn't one thing that doomed Tower, but a number of disparate factors —greed wasn't even ultimately to blame, but rather optimistic naivete. Gorgeously shot and ingeniously edited, this film should be the next big documentary crossover.

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